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Al Bersagliere, cooking is our passion!

At Al Bersagliere Restaurant we make of our passion our tradition. From our first dish, in 1962, we decide to make a journey through the traditional tastes of our territories, from the hills that look at the Garda Lake to the Baldo Mountain, keeping always a special eye to national and regional recipes.

The experience made in many years led us select our zero kilometres providers, directly in the territory that surround us. That choice allows us to carry on our history, strongly connected to the traditional kitchen of our territories, and to propose you always fresh and very first quality ingredients, as our olive oil, product with our olives and made under our supervision.

intense flavours as Baldo mountain black truffle and gentle as the Lavarello (white fish) Lake fish, are the strongholds of our chef’s daily offer. Seasonal products, that we love to use, requires us to have two different menus for the two main seasons, summer and winter. those menus are characterized by seasonal dishes, according with the period’s climate. We can offer you local specialities and a view on the Garda Lake from our outdoor terrace, to make your dinner more sparkling and unforgettable.

mixed grilled meats

we love to grill!

At Al Bersagliere Restaurant we have always grilled our meats, as well as the fishes because we are convinced that there is no better way to cook and taste them. By us you’ll find always a wide choice of meats and fresh lake or sea fishes. The privileged position on Lake Garda, allows us to always have the best catch of the day, from trout, the most famous among lake fishes, to lavarello or sardines ... that's why our fish is always fresh..

From beef to veal and from trout to sea bass, our decennial grill experience allows us to propose you a meat or fish menu always up to your expectations.

icona cottura alla griglia
vista del plateatico esterno

Al Bersagliere Restaurant is surrounded by nature, few minutes away from Garda Lake and from the amazing towns of Bardolino, Garda and Lazise.

The beauty of the places around us is the frame for our outdoor forecourt in the countryside, where we’ll serve your dinner in the summer days and in the milder periods. The cosy interior room will be a warm gathering place for the colder periods, where you can have a lunch or a dinner with friends.

Discover the Garda lake hills beauty! Starting directly from the restaurant, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the Bardolino D.O.C. vineyards., After a little walk, you can reach the top of the Garda’s Rocca hill to enjoy a unique landscape and breathtaking view on the Lake.

vista della sala da pranzo interna

the internal room can accommodate up to 70 people. It is the perfect place to organize parties and events for every occasion: university degrees, birthdays, baptisms and much more…

calice di vino rosso

A good lunch must be always accompanied by a good wine!

Our à la carte wine’s selection is always updated, the wineries with which we decide to collaborate are all in the lake territory, in the Valpolicella wine region and in the Lugana wine region.. By us you’ll find first quality red wines, suitable for our grilled meats or our most tasty first dishes and the white wines, still or sparkling, selected to accompany our lake fish dishes, as the trout and the risotto with the tench, or the sea dishes, as grilled prawns and seabass.

The wineries that we have chosen for you

Girardelli, Zenato, Aldegheri, Montresor, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Masi, Allegrini, Domini Veneti

Ristorante Al Bersagliere
Bardolino - Garda Lake

via S.Colombano 47
37011 Bardolino (VR)

Phone: +39 045-6212361

Closing day: Wednesday

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From 12:00 to 14:00
From 19:00 to 22:00

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