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The dishes that we have selected for you, in many years of experience, are dishes with our country taste.

Recipes handed down from generation to generation bring back the mind to the past, at the home cooking that our grandmas prepare for us.

we, from the Restaurat Al Bersagliere, want to bring you to those passed times and dishes, starting from raw materials, to arrive at the typical flavours of our country, all of that passing by the ability of our chef in recreating and sometimes reinterpreting, the recipes that we have been passing on from years.

the products' seasonality that we use and the Km 0 origin of the raw material, led us to develop our menu to satisfy all the palates,, distinguishing and diversifying in the 2 main seasons, summer and winter. we like to propose you, during the year, dishes that are seasonal, like our pumpkin risotto that we have only in September and October, or as the typical Verona's dish, made by different kind of boiled meat is in the menu only the most cold year periods.

The appetizers

Our menu suggests sea and land appetizers, warm or cold depending on the season. To start we offer you a menu with seasonal products in typical dishes of our country, as Polenta (corn cream) with mushrooms and Monte Veronese cheese or pike in sauce and cod in the Vicentina way during the winter. During the summer more light and fresh dishes. We also offer you other dishes and seasonal products prepared only during the harvest period, for example melon with raw ham and fresh dishes typically for the summer, as the shrimps’ salad with parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar. A good way to whet your appetite and start a sparkling dinner or a friends meeting.

luccio in salsa con polenta

First Dishes

First dishes have always been the Italian kitchen excellence, and by us at Al Bersagliere Restaurant they are a tradition that continue up from our origin. We prepare our homemade pasta every day, to serve you an excellent first dish, by selecting personally the flours directly to our country mill. Tagliatelle, Bigoli (as thick spaghetti) and Caserecce (typical short pasta) with Monte Baldo truffle or with Garda lake Sarde (typical small white lake fish) in the winter and with Lavarello (whitefish) sauce with little tomatoes and zucchini during the summer. Always in the summer period we suggest you fresh dishes as ricotta cheese ravioli with Monte Veronese cheese, little tomatoes and basil or as the Norma’s Bigoli (thick spaghetti) with ricotta cheese sauce, tomato and eggplant. In the winter period we add to our menu dishes more suitable at the climate, for example pasta and beans soup made in our country way, or tortellini soup.

primi piatti di pasta fresca

Main courses

As we always say, we love to grill… we think that there’s no better way to cook our first choice’s meats and our fresh lake or sea fish. Our menu includes fish main courses as Lavarello (whitefish), trout and Garda lake sarde (small white fishes) but also prawns and sea bass. the grilled meats stand out for kind of cut and meat, you’ll find very first choice beef rib, beef filet and t bone steak or you can decide to taste our mixed grilled meats’ dish and also our sliced beef with rocket and parmesan or with balsamic vinegar.

Carne alla griglia


All our desserts are handcrafted in our kitchen. Here also the passion and the will to use only fresh ingredients take us to make directly our desserts to guarantee you a superior quality and a unique flavour. In our menu you’ll find homemade sweets as Tiramisù, Catalan cream, apple strudel and much more. Come to taste them all!

creama catalana

Olive oil

The olive oil that we use to cook and, above all, that we serve on our tables is product with our olives. We have a Garda Lake indigenous olive’s private production close to the restaurant, that every year allows us to get an absolute exclusive oil with a delicate and not acid flavour, that you’ll find only by us.

Carne alla griglia

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