Welcome to the inn "Al Bersagliere"

In a superb location high on the hills above Bardolino "Al Bersagliere" restaurant offens tranquillity and a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant, founded in 1962 by Rizzi Giuseppe (also called "Bersaglier") and his wife Rosetta, is now menaged by their sons.

Famiglia Rizzi

Al Bersagliere The cooking, followed by Chef with the assistance of aunt Luisa, is based on typical lake dishes such as pike with polenta, risotto with tench and my others. The patio, a big fireplace menaged by aunt Laura, offers you the opportunity to eat excellent grilled fish or meat such as appetizing tagliata with rocketand grana cheese, mushrooms or balsamic vinegar.

Locanda Al Bersagliere The confortable inside room has about 70 seats. During summer you are served on a large marvellous terrace where you can be delighted by the unforgettable panorama of the lake.

The Bersagliere staff waits you also for banquets, ceremonies or dinner with frieds. The restaurant has a big parking.